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What Car Should Parents Buy?

It's one of the biggest financial decisions we make: What car are we going to buy? This question becomes even harder when you have think about getting a car that works for a family. Must it be big enough to fit everyone, plus the dog? Or should it be more fuel-efficient to save money? Is reliability the most important thing to keep in mind (considering how terrible a malfunctioning car is during a school run)? I'm really happy that I managed to get someone who I consider to be the "SA Car Guy" - Ciro De Siena from I tapped into his car knowledge and wisdom to get all the answers parents need before they get their next car!

Check out Ciro's amazing car reviews on Youtube: Listen to the Podcast, hosted by Ciro: Please rate and review this podcast, and share it with your friends! Subscribe to Ask AfroDaddy:


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