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What is the Right PC for Your Family?

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If you are the kind of person that thinks a motherboard is something your mom used to spank you, then this video is for you!

Buying a new PC for your home can be a difficult, confusing and expensive process, but the more you know, the less likely you are to get bamboozled.

To help us with that, I chatted to Chad from @chaos_computers who was able to give us some great advice about what kind of computer you REALLY need.

Here are the different situations we speak about in the video:

1) Working from home, but just doing some word processing and web browsing: Processor: i3/i5

Storage: 512GB SSD

RAM: 16GB Est.

Price: R10 500 - R12 000

2) Family PC, used mostly for watching Youtube/Netflix:

Processor: i3/i5

Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HHD

RAM: 8GB Est.

Price: R10 500 - R12 000

3) Entry Level Gaming PC:

Processor: i5

Storage: 512GB SSD

RAM: 8GB / 16GB

Graphics Card: GTX1650

Est. Price: R18 000

4) More serious gaming PC:

Processor: i7

Storage: 512GB SSD


Graphics Card: RTX2070 Super

Est. Price: R30 000 - R35 000

5) Work from home, doing some design and rendering:

Processor: i7

Storage: 512GB SSD

RAM: 16GB/32GB

Graphics Card: GTX1660 Super

Est. Price: R20 000 - R25 000

6) "The AfroDaddy", Design work, big video editing, gaming:

Processor: 5900X / i9

Storage: 2TB SSD


Graphics Card: RTX3070

Est. Price: R68 000 - R78 000

A big thanks to Chad and the team from Chaos Computers for giving some expertise and knowledge for this video. If you have any questions about PC hardware for yourself or your family, they are definitely the team to chat to. Check them out at


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