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The Walk of a Generation

Do our parents live on in our children?

That was the thought that pops into my head when I saw this pic of Boy2.0 walking around. Because that is the exact same walk that my late dad had.

How is it possible for my toddler to have the same gait as a man who passed away years before Boy2.

0 was even born? Sure, it's the toddler version of an adult's walk - but there are clear similarities: The determined stomp of each step, the squared shoulders, the swing of the arms. All of it adds to the feeling that my son knows exactly where he wants to go and why he wants to get there.

It was the same feeling I used to get walking behind my dad. Did he learn this walking style from me? I don't think so - I don't think I inherited that from my dad - but I what I do know is that when I watch Boy2.0 walk, it's like having a direct link with the past. It's like having a little piece of my dad with me.


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