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Feeling Grateful To You all

Eventually, we're going to tell you the full story about how we welcomed this little guy into the big world.

Right now though, I've thinking about the kind of support we give dads and dads to be. I've ranted and complained about this issue for years, and now I've got a whole new experience to talk about.

Here's what happened: throughout Julie's pregnancy, during the birth, and even now a few weeks after, there were people checking in on me.

I had people regularly ask me how I was doing, and what help I needed. They weren't asking me about Julie or the baby - I was the central point of concern.

(Don't worry, Julie and Charlie had their fair share of check ins too!).

So this meant that I felt important and validated and included and cared for as a father. It helped so much to keep my energy and emotions high, and was a big reason why I was able to be a good partner to Julie through it all.

Long story short - a lot of people did a great job doing what we've been asking people to do for ages: support a dad.

What really struck me was that it wasn't just the moms we know. I regularly received kind and supportive messages from dads and other men. This was a new experience for me, and was very welcomed! You gents know who you are, and I am so damn appreciative for every one of you.

(And ladies, if you are married to one of those guys, you got a keeper there)

All in all, it feels like we're turning the tide to supporting and caring for dads. My goal is to do the same for the next fella!


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