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The 10 Commandments for Fathers

What are your rules for parenting? Here are 10 things that I always keep in mind as I keep moving along my fatherhood journey:

  1. Take every hug and kiss offered by your kiddos - they may become less frequent, and you don't want to miss any.

  2. Always back your parenting partner - this is so much easier as a team sport

  3. While being a dad is your most important role, it's not your only role - remember to show your children what a well-rounded adult looks like.

  4. Don't make your mental health someone else's problem - just go to know you need it.

  5. Have at least one dad friend who have kids of a similar age.

  6. Remember that you are raising your kids for the world of the future, not the world that you grew up in.

  7. Spend alone time with each of your kids, doing something that they want to do.

  8. Tell your kids every day that you love them

  9. If you publically talk about how hard it is to be a dad sometimes, be prepared to have the first comment be about how moms have it harder so don't complain.

  10. Be honest with new dads about the complexities, joys and difficulties that is a real experience of fatherhood.


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