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When Parenting Gets a Little Easier


There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you realise that your kids have levelled up and learned a new skill. Suddenly, a particular chore of parenting disappears forever, and usually that’s fantastic. Of course, there are times when this happens that can make you feel a bit sad that your baby is growing up - but that’s for another post.

We had an event like this recently. Our boys were given a chance to taste the new Jungle Crunchalots flavours, and were immediately drawn to the Strawberry flavour. They loved it, and munched through their bowls pretty quickly - and then were rewarded with strawberry flavoured milk. What a win for two little boys!

The next morning is when everything went down, but here’s a little bit of backstory: our boys love waking up super early. Like, crazy early. And this is a pretty terrible thing for two parents who really enjoy late mornings, especially on weekends. Usually, this means that one of us has to get up to make sure that they are not causing any chaos, make them whatever breakfast we can throw together while being barely awake, and then crawling back into bed for a few more minutes of shut-eye.

But this morning, I was woken up by my youngest who whispered to me, through his big, naughty grin:

“Dad, Liam made the pink breakfast with the monster for us.” Our boys enjoyed the Jungle Crunchalots so much that they couldn’t wait for their slumbering parents to sort out their breakfast. They made a plan to get it done themselves!

Fortunately, Jungle Crunchalots is low in sugar - *32% less sugar per 100 g than national leading brand of children’s multigrain honey and it is packed with fibre and B-vitamins so we didn’t have to panic that they were starting their day with too much sugar. Also, since it’s delicious with cold milk, there was no stress about my boys being around heating appliances. 

So now we can have a few extra minutes of sleep, and our boys don’t have to wait for us to have their breakfast!


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