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How to Listen to Podcasts (and why you should)

I love podcasts - I listen to them when I'm cleaning up, while I'm working, while I'm driving, shopping, basically anything that doesn't require my full attention.

There are a load of reasons why I prefer podcasts to traditional radio:

  • I get to choose what content I want, when I want it (that includes music)

  • Skippable ads (usually only 2 an hour anyway)

  • There's are about 250 000 podcasts being created regularly worldwide. I like having that kind of a choice.

  • Podcasters usually aren't worried too much about big corporates like commercial radio stations are - so they can attack the status quo.

  • Speaking of attacking the status quo, since there are no gate keepers to podcasts you can get a wide array of voices - unlike most commercial breakfast radio shows where I live.

  • Podcasts have smaller audiences, so your input is much more valued, and they aren't really trying to be "everything to everyone" like radio has become.

So which podcasts should you listen to? Look, I have very niche tastes so there's no point in me putting a list up. The best thing to do is follow the steps I've listed below, try some podcasts out and subscribe to the ones you like...although I will definitely have one recommendation for you at the end of this post!

Although most podcasts will have their own website (like Ask AfroDaddy), here's what you can use to listen elsewhere:

  • Desktop / Laptop: iTunes, Spotify

  • iPhone: Apple Podcast App, Spotify

  • Android: Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Stitcher, Spotify

All of the options above have categories - choose the ones that interest you and start there!

So here's my first and only podcast recommendation: the Ask AfroDaddy Podcast! My wife and I collect your questions about Life, the Universe and Parenting and attempt not to argue while we try to answer them.

We're about to record the 50th episode, and have had a BLAST doing it! Here's how you can subscribe:

Or you can search for "Ask AfroDaddy" wherever you choose to listen to podcasts!

I have one more favour: Send your questions about anything and everything to me, via this website, the Facebook Page or

Happy listening!


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