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How to be an Content Creator

Here's something all content creators know:

At the best of times, it's not easy.

It's not easy putting something out there that is literally 1% as good as what you had in your head.

It's not easy encountering problem after problem, not having the right equipment, not having the right skills, not having enough support, never being sure you're on the right track and only realising that you've made mistakes WAY too late.

It's not easy putting a little piece of yourself out there for inspection.

So, here's a massive High Five:

  • To the creators who grind away at their art every day for small, but incremental improvements.

  • To the people who create instead of judge.

  • To those who say, "It's not perfect, but neither am I and that's okay" and in doing so make the rest of us feel okay too.

In the words of a colleague of mine: "You GAHTS dis!"

Here's my check list to creating any kind of content:

Have a need to create something

Get a cool idea of what you want to do

Get really excited as you start to make plans, notes, sketches and scripts Start producing the content

Discover that you don't have the right equipment, software or actual skills needed to get what is in your head created


Watch hours of YouTube tutorials ("What's up guys. Today I'm going to show you a really easy way to...") to try and find work arounds

Discover that the free software that actually works leaves watermarks until you buy it


Splice, cut, hack and mulch the thing together

Realise that the thing looks and feels almost, but not entirely, completely unlike your original idea


Upload the thing to the internet anyway because dammit I worked on the this thing for ever and it has my heart and soul in it and it's not perfect or even vaguely good but it exists because of me and that's something, right?

Get surprised when people respond to it. This inspires you to start at number 1 again.


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