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Elliott From Earth Review


When I asked my boys to try out a new show called “Elliot from Earth”, they were a little bit skeptical. They had good reason to be, too. Most of my suggestions for them are shows from my youth that I had really enjoyed, but now didn’t quite work in the modern world.

But this time, I could tell them this was a BRAND NEW show that was about adventures in space, aliens, and a dinosaur called “Mo”. That was enough of a hook for them to at least try the first episode.

After watching that they immediately asked to watch more - they couldn’t wait to see what happened when Elliot and his mom, Fran, started their travels to other planets, but I reminded them that they would have to tune in to Cartoon Network on weekend mornings at 09:35.

When I asked them what they thought about the show, here’s what they said:

“It’s so cool. I loved it when Elliott kept knocking over the gumball machine and was super surprised at the end of the first episode” - Liam

“There are aliens AND dinosaurs!” - Eli

Watch our full review of Elliott from Earth:

It is great that they enjoy the show, but for me the best thing about it the story is the wholesomeness of it. Elliott and his super-smart scientist mom love each other, are kind to the new creatures they meet, and that kindness helps them on their adventures.

Plus, you know, Mo the friendly and silly dinosaur helps too. So all in all, this is a great show for your kiddos to enjoy!

Of course, now I have to regularly answer the question “How long do we have to wait until Saturday morning?”


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