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Appreciation Post

(This might get me in some trouble, but this needs to be said)

There is something deep down inside of my wife, Julie, that gives her the ability and the need to consider how everyone around her is doing. Whenever there is someone struggling, or going through a tough time, or needs some support - especially emotional support, my first thought is always "Shame, that is really awful", while hers is "How can I help?".

This is especially true for her family. I'm not sure if our boys will ever know just how much mental energy their mom spends trying to make sure that they are happy and that all their needs are met. I'm not sure they understand how much time she spends considering how to make them feel special and loved - they just get to feel like that every day.

How lucky.

But her care goes beyond her family. Trust me on this, as her confidant, I can safely say that if she knows you, she's considered how she can make your life better in some way at some point in time. And what is extra crazy is that a big part of her job is do this in a bigger way!

It's like a gourmet chef coming home and making sure her family still get to eat their favourite mac 'n cheese.

Long story short, we're all pretty lucky to be in a circle that includes her, and therefore I am the luckiest!


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