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A Sunday full of Wonder

This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to head out of the house for the first time in a while and go on a bit of an adventure.

We landed at Wonderdal Entertainment Centre where we hoping that the boys could get a few hours of educational entertainment. We were not disappointed. Right from the start, our boys attention was grabbed by the engaging and immersive experience. Essentially, you are given wristbands that you use to sign in at different stations that have different activities - where you learn about the energy and how we use it.

The huge tree in the center is obviously the highlight. Eli in particular enjoyed climbing inside of it, just before use the hand pedals to "raise the energy to the top" of the tree.

(I may have had a little bit of fun with that too).

All the other stations are just as interactive and physical, and by the end of the two hours the boys were tired...but they really didn't want to leave!

If you really want to maximise your trip out to Wonderdal, I recommend dropping your kids off and then heading to the restaurant nearby for a kid-free meal for once! I'm usually hesitant to leave my kids, who are still a bit young, with people they don't know, but it was clear that the staff at Wonderdal are well-trained to deal with the kiddos, and that their drop off and pick up systems are in place for your peace of mind.


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