Father In Focus: Keeno-Lee Hector

June 5, 2019

I'm not sure how much you know about my non-AfroDaddy activities, but back in the day I used to work for a music radio station. At times, it was a really great place to work - especially when you had opportunities to interact with super talented people.


One of those opportunities happened when I met three young dudes with some amazing voices. They had started a group called "The Black Ties" and were generally really great, nice people to be around.


You know, the kind of people you want to be friends with...but are way too cool and nice for you?


Here's one of their performances on a local morning show:



Recently, I saw that one of trio, Keeno-Lee Hector, had posted this on Facebook:


"I was 37 when my gf fell pregnant. I was so excited and petrified. I was so scared of failing as a parent. What I didn't expect was what he would teach me. I learned about the human capacity for love, and @missnabielalevy and I have learned the importance of patience. I think he'll only understand the indescribable depth of the love I have for him, when he has his own kid. So, I guess I'll just say thanks for saving my life monkey. Happy birthday."


Clearly, this was a guy who understood the value and importance of being a dad - so he would make a great Father-in-Focus. Well, here he is:



1) Who are you, who are you kids and ages

I'm Keeno-Lee Hector, a husband and a father of 3 year old Mika. I'm a singer, actor, voice artist and jingle writer.
2) What is one thing that surprised you about fatherhood?

I didn't really understand the human capacity for love until I met my little guy. My interactions with him are an integral part of my emotional growth, I honestly feel like I wasn't truly adulting till my son arrived.




3) One thing that you think all dads-to-be should know

Be prepared for a sublime paradigm shift. Everything is about to change. Especially nappies. Nappies always need to be changed.


4) A favourite moment of being a parent

My son looked me in the eye, cupped my cheek & sincerely told me, "I love you dad" last week! It is such a pleasure to be able to communicate with this brand new personality, it's a magical process.


5) Where can we see your stuff?

All my music is available on most music platforms under the name Keeno Lee. Please follow me on IG & Twitter on @keenolee.

I think "Sara se Geheim" is still flighting, and keep an eye out for my appearances in ScyFy Channel's "Banana Splits" and "Christmas in the Wild" on Netflix this year...

 Do you know a dad who you think should be a Father In Focus? Tell me about him - email afrodaddyct@gmail.com.

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