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Last week my wife and I woke up super early (like 4:30am early), bundled into the car and headed for a farm just outside Stellenbosch.

Our mission was to experience what the winner of the Steri-Stumpie Lite competition would experience: a hot air balloon trip worth R5000!

Honestly, we were a little nervous - a little bit from a small fear of heights, but mostly because we had no idea what was in store.

However, our friendly pilot quickly put us at ease. He'd flown hot air balloons all over the world so he knew what he was doing, even in tricky conditions. Luckily that wasn't put the test since the day we took was a beautiful spring day with just the right breeze for a gentle and beautiful trip!

Take a look at our experience here:

Do you want to win this awesome experience plus great Steri-Stumpie Lite goodies? (Obviously you do!)

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