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Two Ways You Can Change Fatherhood Worldwide


Worldwide, 85% of dads say they would do anything to be more involved with raising their children, especially during the early months...but on average women do 50 minutes more paid and unpaid care a day.

What is going on with the world's fathers?

For this video, that isn't a rhetorical question. The State of the World's Fathers Report takes a stab at answering it. I've read through it, and made a video while traveling to Pretoria for the SA launch of the Report!

Here's the great thing - the report doesn't just talk about the issues facing dads, it also give suggestions of how we ALL can make changes to improve fatherhood around the world:

Read the report yourself - there's a lot of good stuff I couldn't get to in this video: https://stateoftheworldsfathers.org/