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Magnetic Play with Magformers


You would think that since we had two kids 18 months apart, that by now, when they are 6 and 7 years old, that we would be able to find a bunch of activities that they both like to do. Hopefully the kind of activities that they can do together so that I don’t need to be the main source of interaction and entertainment.

That was what I had wished for, but it is something that isn’t always true. I guess just because they grow up in the same family at pretty much the same time, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be amused by the same stuff.

So when Magformers sent through some of their kits, I wondered which kiddo would take to them more.

I quickly realised that these robust magnetic toys gave something different to my boys. One was happy to make a simple structure that could be joyfully destroyed on repeat, while the other enjoyed building cars and rockets that, once built, are not allowed to be touched.

Not going to lie, I had a bit of fun building with them too!

The sets come with booklets that give some great building ideas to get you started, but your kids can just let their creativity flow while working out what they can build with these powerful little magnets.

Magformers playsets and basic sets are available from, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, C.N.A. and Everyshop. For more information go to:


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