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Why Being a Subscriber is Better for You and Me

Updated: Jan 30

That’s it. It’s official. Done deal. I’m not young anymore.

I’m 35 years old today. (That can’t seem right - 35 year olds are mature. They’ve done stuff.)

So...happy birthday to me! Don’t worry about getting me a present - there’s something really valuable I’d rather you do for me:

Subscribe to my website.

I send out about one newsletter a month, and every subscriber gets all the latest content delivered to their inbox as soon as it goes live so if you like AfroDaddy, it makes a lot of sense! Plus, it helps me grow the AfroDaddy community in a way that isn’t controlled and determined by the Big G or the Big F.

Speaking of AfroDaddy, I generally tell you about my goals for the website on my birthday and this year is no different! Here’s what I hope we can achieve with AfroDaddy in 2020:

(By the way, my subscribers already know this because they got the inside scoop a month ago. That’s one of the benefits of being on the inner circle.)

  • Officially change the tagline to “Present. Positive. Engaged”: these are the 3 major boxes I think anyone who wants to be a good father should try to tick, and I want visitors to the site to know that immediately.

  • Update the website: I love the website as it currently is, but if I want to expand the voices on AfroDaddy that means that it will need a bit of a structural and visual overhaul. The focus will hopefully be less on who AfroDaddy is and more on the content that is produced.

  • Improving the Ask AfroDaddy Podcast: I have a long history in the radio industry, so I love the intimacy and realness that comes from a good chat on microphone. I’d like to improve the sound quality of the podcast as well as bring in more interesting and relevant guests. If possible, I’d like to increase the episodes from one every two weeks to weekly.

  • Host a charity event in July: 5 July is my half-birthday (yes, it’s a thing!) and I think it’s a good opportunity to do some sort of fund raiser for an organisation that focuses on developing fatherhood in South Africa.

  • Celebrate 5 Years of AfroDaddy: In April, it will officially five years since my very first AfroDaddy video was posted on Youtube! I want to find a way to celebrate the occasion and thank everyone who has helped me keep it going for so long.

So...that’s quite a bit, considering I’ll still be doing all the usual stuff on the website and social media, while being a dad to 2 very active kiddos, working full time and...oh yeah: I’m starting my studies again this year!

I am really excited to keep improving and growing AfroDaddy this year, but I really can’t do it without you.

Yes you!

Please keep helping me on this mission to support engaged fatherhood by subscribing to the website and sharing, commenting and liking AfroDaddy content as much as possible.

Right. So happy birthday to me and onwards and upwards!