• AfroDaddy

How Are You Feeling About the Lock Down?

Look, you're not here to get advice about how to survive the COVID-19 Lock Down. At least, you shouldn't be - a random dad blogger is not the person you should be looking to for real advice right now.

That being said, I do know that being aware and honest about how you are feeling is generally a good idea - so I'm trying to work out how I feel about the impending lock down.

Here's what I've got so far:


  • Managing my boys' energy, exercise and entertainment

  • Juggling work and household chores in a full house

  • Getting cabin fever

  • Letting stress and anxiety overflow into my relationship with my wife


  • Opportunity to work on self-regulation and techniques to control anxiety

  • Chance to for dad-son time

  • Get some home maintenance done

  • Pick up the bass guitar again


  • Awareness that we are vastly more privileged than most people in this country.

  • Need to check in on elderly neighbour more

  • Limiting trips outside as much as possible

  • Letting the boys have too much screen time

How are you feeling?