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Father in Focus: Francis Gersbach

Welcome to the next Father in Focus, where we chat to a dad about his personal experiences of fatherhood. Today we focus on Francis Gersbach.

I met Francis at an end-of-year blogger meet up a few years ago. Generally these events are filled by young, childless, beauty bloggers...so when I spotted another crazy-haired dad from across the party, we immediately gravitated towards each other.

How did I know he was a dad? I just did, okay? Dads can spot dads.

I was really interested to see how he used Instagram as a way to leave thoughts and notes to his future grandchildren - but I'll let him tell you more about that. Here's what he had to say:

1) Who are you, who are your kids, what are their ages?

My name is Francis... Husband of one, father of two. I'm a photographer and videographer from Cape Town. I've created an account on Instagram where I tell my future Great Grandchildren about the world I live in. I have two boys; Asher (7) and Levi (5)

2) What is one thing that has surprised you about your experience of fatherhood?

That it was gonna be as difficult as it is, but in the same breath, as rewarding. It's one of the most bittersweet things I could ever imagine with these little people who can't think like adults, though we want them to, and no care for anyone in the world, who live only to serve themselves and their survival until we show them otherwise and no matter how they disappoint you, you can still love them so much and crap your pants at the thought of losing them when most of the time they feel like such a burden, because they’re real work, but on the flip, dreading the day it all comes to an end and they leave home.

I think that’s the kind of roller coaster we’re talking about. I almost feel we learn just as much as they do in the brief time we’re lucky enough to oversee them.

3) What is one thing dads to be should know?

You can’t make anyone be who you want them to be, your only job is to love them no matter what and try steer them to the place where they are able to thank you when they’re older for how you helped them get closer to being the best version of themselves and that we're the adults in the situation and need to always be aware of that.

4) What is one favorite moment of parenting?

Is it bad to say, "Watching them sleep"? Actually, I think the best part is stepping back and observing how these helpless little humans develop personalities, preferences, emotions and themselves. I see that neither will be exactly me or like what I like, but they surprise me occasionally with their decisions and the stuff they do enjoy.

May seem like a little thing, but for one child to ask if he can play Pearl Jam (my fave band BTW) and the other to ask when he can go watch footie at Cape Town stadium, I see them each being their own person, but still having those qualites that will forever be our bond...

"Gulp" getting a lump in my throat just typing this. It's freaking tough, but I'd never change it for anything. Love those champs.

5) Where can we find your stuff?

I feel more happens in places you may never know they’re mine, but I have the Instagram Account I mentioned earlier www.instagram.com/greatgrampops - my business one www.instagram.com/theworksbrothers and the website www.theworksbrothers.com

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