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Extra-Murals = Extra-Costs

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There is one universal truth about parenting: schooling is expensive.

Even if you ignore the fees (which is difficult, considering they give me a panic attack each month), there is still the uniforms, stationery and transport that have to be factored in.

All of that can be managed with some careful planning - after all, we know what the school fees will be before the term starts, and we can start budgeting for stationery and uniforms at the beginning of the year. In fact, you might smugly think that you got this whole under control as the school year begins...and then your child comes home with a list of all the extra activities the school offers or hosts.

Suddenly your budget is out of the window. If you are lucky, the school may offer the extra mural as part of the school fee, but even then your kid is going to need equipment...

We had the same this exact problem at the beginning of this year. The real issue is that everything the school offers is totally worthwhile: pottery classes to help them with their fine motor skills, swimming classes to make sure they are safe in the pool, dance classes to give them extra classes, and of course every sport imaginable.

How do you say no to any of that? I can't imagine saying, "No, I don't want my child to have well-developed fine motor skills". That just seems like...bad parenting.

But we HAVE to fight that irrational guilt, my people! We know that our kids can't and shouldn't do everything - it will cause burn out for their little brains and will create holes in our pockets. THAT is not good parenting.

So this year, remember to make a little extra space in the budget for extra murals - and then help your child choose only one or two things to do during thew week. Your wallet will thank you for it.

How have you managed all of the extra-curricular activities with your children? Tell me your story in the comments and you could win:

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