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Another way to save you from daily stress

“So...what are we going to do for dinner?”

“I thought you had it sorted tonight?”

“No - you know I have that late meeting”

“Right...damn. Okay...um…”

At some point in every parent’s life, he or she will be part of this back and forth text conversation - usually at some very inopportune moment, like when your boss is telling you how distracted you’ve been since you’ve had kids.

Since we’re a dual-income household, I can tell you that it happens to us at least twice a week. The usual result is that our boys get the standard fall-back meal: fish fingers, oven baked chips and carrots sticks. And then one of us has to go out after supper to sort out what we’re going to put in to their lunch boxes.

Yes, you might be one of those super-organised families who pre-cooks and freezes their food ahead of time...buuuuuuut you’re probably not.

That’s why I was pretty excited to try out FitChef. They are one of these companies that understand how difficult modern parenting is and have found a way to make it significantly easier.

Actually, if you take a look at their website, it’s not just for parents - sure, they have a great kiddies section, but there are also packages for people who are training or are on special diets or who just want to eat healthy without all the constant planning, shopping and prepping.

So...that includes literally everyone.

But, since I am a parent, I opted to try one of the Kiddies Kits - here’s what came in the box:

Here’s a pro-tip, make sure you have a bit of extra freezer space on delivery day - pretty much everything needs to stay frozen because it is very unlikely you’ll be eating all of it in a few days. Then just take out what you are going to be having the next day and pop it in the fridge to defrost.

We all had our personal favourites from the kit. The boys devoured the cottage pie, my wife didn’t let me get a taste of the chocolate ice-cream...but I have been making my way through the chocolate brownies, so we’ll call it even.

The food is made with great ingredients and are healthier alternatives to the quick-heat meals we would normally serve in a hurry.

I totally recommend checking them out - I think you’ll find you will save on time and money...and definitely stress!