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AfroDaddy Needs Your Help!

I'm trying a very excting, very nerve-wracking and hopefully very awesome thing:

I'm going to record the Ask AfroDaddy podcast in front of a live audience for the very first time next week at the MamaMagic Expo!

We'll be recording at 12pm on Saturday, 27th October in the Huggies Expert Lounge.

This might be the first time anyone has tried this in SA...

To make it all work, I need your help:

- Go to www.mamamagic.co.za, buy a ticket, and make sure that you are at the "Huggies Expert Lounge" at the expo. (It will be awesome if we can have a room full of people who part of the AfroDaddy community!)

- Send your questions about anything and everything for us to answer in the podcast. You can send them to me via the FB page, Instagram account or email to afrodaddyct@gmail.com

Please help me make this a success!

(If you have never listened to an Ask AfroDaddy Podcast click here, or search for it wherever you listen to podcasts!)