• AfroDaddy

Adoption is weird

Adoption is weird. It's complex and sad and nuanced and joyful.

It's worrying if you're good enough to be a parent until the judge signs a piece of paper that says, "You're good enough"...and then still worrying about it.

It's knowing that you can never fully understand your own child's experience while desperately looking for stories that he can relate to.

It's getting some odd looks and finding ways to explain to the uninitiated how to talk about adoption sensitively.

It's humbling yourself and realizing that you're nothing special, that this isn't about you or about how good you look. It's about him.

It's reading and learning and being shocked at how little you understand.

It's looking at your child, five years to the day since that judge signed that paper, and realising just how immensely blessed you are, and being ready for the hard and worthwhile work ahead.

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