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Adoption and Race

This conversation has been a long time coming. It might not be a comfortable one for many of us. Why does there always seem to be a push back when people of colour, especially those who have been adopted, talk about the reality of what they experience honestly? And why it seems that often those negative responses comes from white adoptive parents? We need to have honest conversations about how race affects our lives, especially as parents - to help us do that we are joined by Dani Moosajie, Director of Arise and Thola Antamu, Founder of Adoptee Spaces South Africa:

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Find out more about their work here:

Arise: https://arisefamily.org/ https://www.facebook.com/AriseFamilySA/ Thola Antamu - Empowerment Practitioner: https://tholaantamu.com/

Adoptee Spaces South Africa: https://www.facebook.com/adopteespacessa/