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A very interesting result of last week's poll

Last week, I asked this question on the AfroDaddy Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts:



Do you feel like you need to spend more time per week with your kids?

(Please share this with a dad if you know one!)

The actual results of the poll was surprising - but not because of what dads actually voted for.

Let's get that out of the way:

Like I said, the votes that came in from dads were unsurprising. I'm sure most dads wish they could spend more time with their kids, or feel guilty that they don't if they can.

What surprised me was the amount of moms who voted.

Now don't get me wrong - I love all the moms who are part of the AfroDaddy community, especially the ones who comment and engage with the content - but this was one of the few opportunities for dads to give a little insight into their experience.

Literally the first vote that came in after I posted the poll was from a mom.

I can think of three possibilities as to why this happened:

1) The moms who voted thought it was for all parents - which is strange considering that the first word is "Dads!"

2) They voted for what they think their partners would say. This is fine with me, but it would have help if they commented that they were a "proxy" vote - which is exactly what one mom did.

3) They voted for what they think their partners should say. This one was concerning, because every one of those moms said "Need More Time". So are they saying that their partners are not fulfilling his role a father?

I would love to know your thoughts - let me know in the comments below or on the Patreon Post!