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A Special Thank You for the Unthanked Parent

This post was inspired by a Facebook post by my friend Jess Basson.

Sometimes, our children can be beautiful, generous, kind and appreciative. And sometimes they can be kind of shitty - and during this time of the year when they usually get spoiled a lot more than usual, they might be more inclined to the latter. The might even forget their manners altogether.

Sure, they may say "thank you" after being reminded/forced to by someone, but doesn't that seem kind of...empty?

So, here's what I'm sure you children would say if they knew better:

Hi mom and dad. Thank so much for:

- Working all year round to provide schooling, shelter and food, plus all the extra stuff I shouldn't expect (but kinda do anyway)

- Worrying about me so much it keeps you up at night

- Driving me around wherever I need to go (and pretty much wherever I want to go too)

- Figuring out how to entertain me during these LONG holidays while also affording next year's school fees, uniforms and stationery.

- Using most of your Christmas bonus not to spoil yourself but to buy overpriced gifts for me...most of which I want only because it's what my rich friends have

- Running around packed shopping malls to find the last available unit of those gifts

- The fact that the best part of your Christmas is see me open my gifts

I know you do all these things because you love me and want me to be happy. I love you and want you to be happy too...so it's okay if you want to look after yourself a bit too. Taking time out for yourself doesn't make you a bad parent!

Maybe you needed this today, and maybe you know a parent who needs to hear this too - why don't you share it with them!

Merry Christmas - and thanks!