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A Letter to My Anxiety

Hello Anxiety, my old friend.

It's a been a while, and without meaning to be rude, it hasn't actually been long enough since we last spoke.

Look, I know why you are here. You are trying to make me aware of how many things could go wrong, so that I can protect myself from them. You're trying to stop me from moving forward, because you think that the worst thing that can happen is trying and then failing.

I get it. In your own way, you're trying to protect me. But I have to tell you something: I got this. Really. I know your default setting is "What if this goes wrong?", but thinking like that has held me back for way too long.

Honestly, I used to hate you. I thought you were the worst part of me. But now I know that you aren't actually that moderation.

So let's make a deal: I will acknowledge you when you pop into my head and I'll take your warnings into consideration, and in return, you give up all the control you have over my mind and body.

I think if we can find a way to work together, this whole thing will work out just fine.




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