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AfroDaddy 2018: Top Blog Posts of the Year

It's been a pretty great year for AfroDaddy - as in, it's been great for me personally as well as for this site.

And that is all thanks to you!

For the next few days I'm going to take a look back at some of the best performing posts. Here's the top 5 blog posts from AfroDaddy in 2018:

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Don't Fall For the Father's Day Trap

As Father's Day approaches, I get asked this many, MANY times, and frankly I think we find getting gifts for dads so difficult because we've made really bad assumptions about dads.

So, this Father's Day, let's not do that, okay?

The Worst Dad Ever

Hello! It is I, the Worst Dad Ever! Let me tell you how I got that title.

Our youngest, Boy2.0, still sleeps in the bed with us - partially by choice but mostly because we only have two bedrooms - which means that our 2 year old is very used to being wedged between two bodies at night.

How to Listen to Podcasts (and why you should)

I love podcasts - I listen to them when I'm cleaning up, while I'm working, while I'm driving, shopping, basically anything that doesn't require my full attention.

There are a load of reasons why I prefer podcasts to traditional radio.

A Letter to My Anxiety

Hello Anxiety, my old friend.

It's a been a while, and without meaning to be rude, it hasn't actually been long enough since we last spoke.

Look, I know why you are here. You are trying to make me aware of how many things could go wrong, so that I can protect myself from them.

What I'm Teaching my Sons about Zuma

Ah, Valentine's Day 2018. That was the year that your mom fell asleep in the middle of the movie we were watching.

Yup, she did that even way back then - when she was younger and had no excuse.

I finished the movie as the sole conscious person in the room, and then looked at my phone (we had agreed that while the movie was on, our phones would be switched off...but apparently we didn't agree that we would be swtiched off), and saw 50+ messages.