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Dads Aren't Good with Online Communities


As a dad who has spent the last four years trying to start a community where dads actually, you know, talk about fatherhood, you can trust me when I tell you that it’s not just something we do.

Is it the way we’re socialised? Probably. Are we missing out? Definitely.

There are many benefits to being an active member in an active community. The most obvious is having a place you can go to when you need a range of creative solutions to any of parenting’s challenges - but there is also much to be gained from being the person who can help out another parent with a bit of advice or a word of encouragement.

So I was interested to see what tone the Littleworld “The Parent Feed” group on Facebook would take. Was it a place just for moms - where I’d be pretty much excluded from all of the discussions? Would my opinion be valued and would my questions be taken seriously, even though I was “just” a dad?

Can you tell that I was little bit anxious about joining? Yes, I knew a few videos I made with the fantastically wise Meg Faure would be shared there...but still, would this group be one that was happy to have this guy there?

The answer, fortunately, was yes. When I joined I discovered a group of parents who were active in asking and answering questions, giving advice and having conversations around all the things that make parenting a kiddo interesting.

And somehow, they have managed to create a place with no judgement or parent shaming. Most importantly (for me, at least), there is the clear acknowledgement that dads are there too. You know how I know that? It’s because almost every post starts with “Hey moms and dads…”

You’d be surprised how often the “...and dads” part is missing from so many other parenting groups I’ve been a part of before.

So definitely take the change to join the group and get involved. And I can’t say this enough: Especially if you are a dad.

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