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Don't Fall For the Father's Day Trap

This week I got this comment on my Facebook page:

"Please do a feature on Father’s day gifts? The stuff in store is such trite nonsense and after 7 years this Mom is at her wits end? What do Dads really want? What can we do to make your day superb. No wallets, key rings or socks"

As Father's Day approaches, I get asked this many, MANY times, and frankly I think we find getting gifts for dads so difficult because we've made really bad assumptions about dads.

So, this Father's Day, let's not do that, okay?

Don't fall into the trap of assuming that fathers only care about tools, gadgets, sports and coffee this Fathers Day.

Rather assume:

  • That they adore their kids, so get them some framed photographs of their children for their office.

  • That they are proud of all the effort they put into raising their kids, so make a video of their children talking about all the things they love about daddy.

  • That they know they have areas of their parenting that they can improve on, so get them a humorous parenting book.

  • That they love spending time with their family, so organise an experience they can have with their kids that will make some lasting memories.

  • That they love THEIR parents, so find a way for them to spend some time with them. Or if their parents aren't around anymore, get some framed photographs of them.

  • That they are filled with self doubt and maybe have never been told that they are doing a good job, so write a letter to them reminding them that they are.

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear them on the AfroDaddy Facebook Page.

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