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Don't Let School Lunches Beat You

(Note: this is not a sponsored post)

Let me give you a quick play-by-play of what normally happens in my household on any given week day morning:

The madness starts when we are rudely awakened by one or two toddlers demanding any of the following:

  • Nappy changes

  • Breakfast

  • Juice

  • A show put on TV

  • Cuddles

  • A chance to jump up and down on Daddy

Whoever is the least grumpy parent then gets out of bed (eventually) and deals with whatever the issue is. There is almost always a temper tantrum during this process...and not always from one of the toddlers.

The other parent tries to make him or herself feel like a human being by having the quickest of showers - usually with a toddler storming in and asking about whichever body part he's taken a curiosity to this week.

Breakfasts are made, and sometimes even eaten. Half-finished coffees are forgotten about. Toddlers are dressed while they do their best to stop it from happening.

At this point I'm ready to leave - I normally have to get to work before the wife does so she takes the boys to school - and this is the point when she asks me if I've made the boys' lunch for the day.

Of course I...probably haven't.

So I end up throwing an apple, half a jam sandwich and a bag of mini-cheddars into their lunchboxes and leave feeling like the absolute worst parent and partner ever.

I wouldn't be surprised if many parents go through a similar level of crazy in the mornings, and I know for a fact that packing school lunches is pain for pretty much all parents, despite the fact that this seems to be something that could be sorted out pretty easily.

So I was really interested to see what The Lunchbox could do to cut out this surprisingly big hassle in my life. Essentially, they deliver a month's worth of pre-packaged lunches, all numbered and ready to go. All you have to do is grab the bag for that day, add something fresh like a fruit, yoghurt or sandwich, and you are off to the races - or work, if you're a normal person.

So I got a box delivered to test it out, but I made a critical error: I asked for it to be sent to my wife's work. The day it arrived, I received this pic from her:

SHE WAS EATING ONE OF THE LUNCHES! She even started on the WRONG DAY. I mean...

At least we knew that even one of the kiddies packs was substantial enough to get an adult through the day. And of course, the boys loved their special lunches - it was like a party pack to them.

In fact, schools closed for the holidays shortly after we received the delivery, and the packs even made holiday life so much easier! We could go to the park or a family outing with one of those in our bags, and knew that we wouldn't have to resort to something really unhealthy if our boys got really hungry.

I love these businesses who are trying to find ways to make parents' lives easier - and The Lunchbox is definitely one of them. Check out their options and pricing:

(All pricing includes free delivery anywhere in S.A)

You can choose a Lunchbox for:

Kids: R686 (membership price) R735 (once off box)

The Lunchbox for kids includes one beverage (juice every day or one-day juice/one-day water) and 3 x snacks daily. You can choose between juice only or one day water, one day juice for each lunch pack.

Adults: R826 (membership price) R882(once off box)

The Lunchbox for adults is the same concept, without the beverage and contains 3 x 50g size snacks daily.

Banting: R877 (membership price) R929 (once off box)

The Banting Box only include biltong/droëwors, banting bars and a range of nuts from the green list.

Nut Free: R822 (once off box)

The Nut-Free Box have no products with any nuts. Includes one beverage (juice every day) and 3 x snacks daily. Please keep in mind that all Lunchboxes are packed in a factory that uses both peanuts and tree nuts

You can opt-in for a month-to-month service. This means that you register once and get a box send to you every month until you pause or cancel. You can cancel at anytime.

Click here to go their website or click here to check out their Facebook page!

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