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Time to Say Goodbye

I'm not sure if all of you know that AfroDaddy isn't my day job.

For the past 8 years, I've been working at Primedia Broadcasting doing various things, but I spent my time mostly creating content for Kfm. When I started there I was young, ambitious and energetic - but seriously worried that I wouldn't fit in with the cool and trendy people that worked there.

Now that I'm older and slightly more tired, I realise that I was...right:

Seriously, do you ever watch Newsroom and think "No place can be that hectic"? Well, real life media is exactly like that - but with more drama. That being said, it has been, on the whole, an amazing experience. And to be fair, we did have some down time:

I've met famous people, have been part of projects that made people laugh and cry (in a good way), I've visited pretty much every town in the Western Cape, I've traveled overseas, MC'd at events with thousands of people and not least of all, presented radio shows on both Kfm and CapeTalk.

It hasn't always been easy. There have been long days, late nights, lots of travelling, arguments with colleagues and missed opportunities.

But I have been fortunate to have lived through all of this along side some amazing co-workers - most of whom I now count as friends (I'm going to tag as many of them as I can think of in the Facebook post...but if I forget some, that's my bad).

These are the people who have listened to my rants and my puns, who have supported me when I had a crazy idea, who have teamed up with me to create some amazing pieces of content, who told me that I was better than I thought I was and who ultimately had my back.

I could not have survived without them.

Honestly, I think I'm going miss being behind the mic - but I am so excited (and nervous) about my new job at Freelives (they are awesome...you should check them out) that I think it's not going to be a problem for LONG time.

And hey...I might have more time to do some more AfroDaddy content! So...everybody wins?