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Happy Birthday Mommy!

Parenting, like so many parts of life, can be incredibly hard.

Which is why am I so lucky to have such a loving and hard-working partner to work through all the nonsense with!

If you've had a the privilege of spending any amount of time with Julie, you were probably swept away by the joy and kindness she exudes.

Don't worry, you're not alone. Here's a quote from one of her friends:

You, my dearest friend, are a blessing beyond measure. You are wise beyond your years. Your empathy and love for others is enviable. Your commitment to your beautiful boys is beautiful. Your love for your friends, spectacular.

I have never met someone so genuinely vested in the uplifting and betterment of others. Your genuine passion for women, mothers, children - an absolute treat to witness.

You are a woman of great substance, of admirable standing. Your relentless commitment to what is right makes me love you even more than I thought possible!

That message is from a woman Julie met less than a year ago.

The thing is, Julie doesn't half-arse relationships. If she spends more than, say 30 minutes with you, she is ALL in with the caring.

That's how she ended up with a cynical, dull, bum like myself.

Anyway, there are two people who can talk about how great Julie is much better than I can. That would be these two:

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