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It's Time Ask Fathers About Fatherhood

So last year I did a bit of research about fatherhood in SA, and the amount of information available is, frankly, shocking.

In fact, I still have not found a survey that actually focuses on asking dads about fatherhood - so I've made my own.

My mission is to get at least 1000 fathers from across the country to fill out this 5 minute, 20 question survey.

Will you help me? I really can't do this without my AfroDaddy community!

So if you are a dad, obviously, fill out the form.

If you are a mom, load the survey on your phone, hand it to your baby daddy, and ask him to take 5 minutes of his time to do it.

Also, please share this with your friends and family!

This is actually hugely important, because we can't start to improve dire fatherhood situation in SA until we get a good perspective from the fathers of SA.

The goal of this survey is to get a perspective of fatherhood from the people most qualified to give it - fathers!

Please take 5 minutes to fill out this 20 question survey - please answer honestly, because we want a real snap shot of fatherhood in South Africa at the moment.

All surveys are completely confidential and are not linked to your email or username.

(If you are viewing this on mobile, click here to fill out the form)

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