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Crazy "Don't Touch My Hair" Story

Last week, I made this video talking about my experiences of having an afro in a world teeming with drunk white people:

It was pretty well received, with loads of people responding with similar stories of people touching their ethnic hair, often without even asking.

And now...for an update:

Last night we went to see one of my all time favourite bands, Incubus, perform live (they were AMAZING, btw). I knew ahead of time that the audience was going to be, by and large, people who did not look like (i.e. white people) and who were going to be behaving in ways they may regret the following day (because of all the beer).

I decided that this was going to be a perfect opportunity to try out my new no holds barred and straight up rude response to someone asking to touch my hair:

"No...that would be weird. What kind of person touches another person's hair?"

So I had that phrase locked and loaded, and was on the look out for my first target...so of course no one asked to touch the afro.

I got lots of looks and smiles (were some flirty? Nah), but no contact until...he appeared.

He was a white vest wearing gym-boet whose shaved head was a poor attempt to hide a receding hairline. He was also drunk. Obviously.

He appeared next to me, and as I saw his hand head towards my hair I managed to grab his arm and push him away. He tried again. I pushed him away again.

"Don't get angry, man! We're all having a good time!"

"Okay...well...go have a good time somewhere else."

I could not believe that I was yelling that to this roided-out jock. But I did. And it worked. He drifted off into the crowd. I had done it. I had stood up for myself and my body autonomy!

But the story doesn't end there.

Thirty minutes later the same guy appeared again. This time he gave me a hearty slap on the back (it's still stinging) and shook my hand (it still feels crushed).

"You are the only oke who stood up for himself here. You are a f&*%King MAN! Julle mense is a bunch of PUSSIES. But you...jy's 'n MAN!"

I mean...if you ignore the horrible misogyny...I think I may have taught this guy something. Maybe he'll think twice next time?

Or maybe he woke up this morning with a terrible hangover and gap in his memory of the night when a guy with an afro earned his respect.

Still though. Feels good.

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