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What I'm Teaching my Sons about Zuma

Ah, Valentine's Day 2018. That was the year that your mom fell asleep in the middle of the movie we were watching.

Yup, she did that even way back then - when she was younger and had no excuse.

I finished the movie as the sole conscious person in the room, and then looked at my phone (we had agreed that while the movie was on, our phones would be switched off...but apparently we didn't agree that we would be swtiched off), and saw 50+ messages.

All of them were from various work messaging groups - I worked in media back then, so we all had to be aware of big events as they happened in real time. And as big events go, this one was a doozy:

Our State President was holding a press conference.

Wait...that seems underwhelming. How about this: After months (years, actually) of various groups trying to oust him, his own party had declared that they would do the same, so this press conference may be the moment that he officially resigned.

It was big news. The press literally sat on the edge of their seats. The country held it's collective breath. Your mother rolled over and cuddled a pillow.

Of course you know that he did resign at that press conference. I think we learned a lot about how the world works from that moment, but also from his tenure as State President. Here are some thing I'd like you to remember:

1) This country, and the world, is complex. It's problems don't come down to one man's failures.

2) That being said, giving power to wrong person can have tragic consequences. Remember that when you decide who your heroes are.

3) You can't trust anyone when it comes to power, wealth, and control. We've seen this time and time and TIME again, and yet we inevitably think that this company is trustworthy or that this politician isn't a liar. We need to have checks and balances for everyone.

4) Don't surround yourself with Yes-Men. Having someone in your life who can lovingly give you a different perspective might mean the difference between thinking that everyone loves you and knowing that everyone loves you.

5) Inevitably, everyone will let you down. No. Not me, obviously. (Seriously though. Definitely me. Actually, I'm pretty certain I've let you down somehow today)

6) The world isn't fair. Sometimes bad people get power - actually, often bad people get power. That is no excuse for you not to increase the good in the world.

7) Forgetting where you come from is dangerous. Remember, someone wiped your bum, just liked everyone else.

8) At some point, everyone gets there just desserts. Actually, someone said it much better than I can:

(Yes...I know I've made you watch this before...)

My boys...you can be better. You can be everything Zuma wasn't. You can be unselfish. You can do big things for this world. You can make us better than we were before. You can be the heroes we need.

Just don't forget that at some point in your lives, you couldn't wipe your own bums.

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