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If You Aren't Annoying, Are You Even a Kid?

How are our children able to be SO very annoying?

For instance, The Kid is obsessed with electric fences (I don’t know why, so don’t even ask), so we have this conversation at least 3 times a day:

The Kid: Dad.

The Kid: Dad. Dad. Dad.

The Kid: Daaaad.

The Kid: Dad dad dad dad dad dad

Me: Boytjie…if this is about electric fences…

The Kid:

The Kid:

The Kid: You can’t touch electric fences, hey dad?

Me: Before I answer that, let me just smash my head against this wall a few times

Repetition isn’t the only tool in my boys’ Toolbox of Fatherly Frustration. They can select Insisting On Watching The Same Episode over again, for instance. I have watched the same episode of Wonder Pets so many times that my wife and I automatically start reciting dialogue randomly.

And not just when the show is on.

Another favourite tool is Standing Right Behind Dad When He Carrying Something Big or Hot. Look, we are four humans living in a small apartment so I get that we’ll just be in each other’s physical space often…but why are standing right behind me at the moment when I’m holding a big pot of soup or something?

I asked some of AfroDaddy community about their kids’ most annoying habits – looks like it’s not just my boys…

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