• AfroDaddy

Doing it Right is Tough

Oh man. These two.

How is it possible for two little human beings to affect my mood and emotions SO DAMN MUCH? So...yeah...being their dad can make me super happy and filled with joy - or, as was the case this weekend, the exact opposite. Crankiness, bad moods, naughty behaviour, tantrums, fights, constant crying for treats...

(Oh wait, they may have learned those from me)

Like...I love having energetic and crazy boys who jump on my back because "horsie" is the best game ever, but this weekend was tough. And then to top it all off, at the end of it all, they want absolutely nothing to do with me when they are teary and overtired on the Sunday evening. Fatherhood. Doing it right is tough. (Sorry - I normally like to my rants to be positive and a little bit more coherent...but I feel like you guys totally understand where I'm at right now)

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