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Parenting Pride

Parenting and pride don't really mix.

This week, I was the only member of our household not hit by the flu (even our incredible nanny got it).

Obviously, two sick toddlers and one sick parent makes for a very difficult situation - one which we did not know how to deal with.

But then, the wise and humble wifey was honest on Facebook. She told our friends and family that we were struggling and needed help. She put out the distress call.

And you know what? People responded.

Jeepers, did they respond. Those who could help physically did so - with meals and paying for a domestic to help Julie in the flat with the boys. And those who couldn't help physically gave emotional support which was just as valuable.

Not going to lie, it was still a tough time (mostly for the breast feeding machine that is mommy Julie), but having our community pull around us saved us this week.

So, what did I learn?

1: We are damn lucky to have you (yes, you!) in our lives.

2: When you ask for help, you actually allow other people to ask for help too.

3: Get a flu vaccine.

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