• AfroDaddy

The Curse of the Engaged Father

I had to leave early today. In fact, I had to leave before my 3 year old woke up. Which means he woke up to a home where dad wasn’t there. My absence means that his day started off with trauma and I hate that. But this is my job at the moment, so what can I do? I want to be the parent who is there when my kid cries for me. Especially The Kid – who feels big feelings and just needs his daddy sometimes. My heart completely shatters at the idea that he was crying for me and I wasn’t there to make him smile with a tickle or joke or a word of encouragement. This is the curse of the engaged father – we get all of the joy of being with our children and all of the heartbreak when we have to be away. Do I wish that my life was flexible enough to enable me to give my boys all the dad time that they need? Obviously. Would I change the fact that my boys want me around? Never! Joy and heartbreak. Cheers to the Curse of the Engaged Father.

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